Glue F-400A
Glue F-400A, based on a acrylic emulsion and special additive, others. water based acrylic emulsion adhesive which permit direct application of cement mortar, steel, plywood and is easily applied which a saw-tooth trowel for offical and home floor, wall.
Glue F-400A, is excellent adherence, long tacky time and working time, resistance to water and alkali, heat resistance.

Appearance - - white or blue paste
Component - - 1
Theoretical coverage - 0.25 ~ 0.35 kg/m² Yes
Drying time (20ºC) - - -
open time - - 30 min.
working time - - 1.5 hrs.
walking time - - min. 2 hrs.
dry hard - - 24 hrs.
service time - - 3 days.
Cleaner - - water
Application - - saw-tooth trowel
Flash point - - non
Package - - 10kg
Shelf life - - 1 year (indoor)

- Working method
1. All surface must be free of dust, water, sand, soil and oid.
2. Air temperature and surface temperature; 0-35ºC.
3. After applied bond on cement floor by saw-tooth trowel, waiting for open time, press of twist for attaching material.
4. After applied, when color is changed dark color, you can make maximum bond strength.


- Limitations
1. Do not add water, sand, lime, orther products.
2. Keep ventilation during application and clean equipment with water before drying.
3. Drying time could have changed by wind, temperature or moisture condition.
4. Coverage could have changed by surface irregularities and roughness.
5. Do not recommended non-cured cement and moisture contain floor, a basement, a hot-floored room and a forced drying area by heat.
6. For skin contact, wash trough with soap water; for eyes, flush with plenty of water, safety equipment must be used.
- Package: 10kg (0.25 ~0.35 kg/m²)