Glue MS-400A
Benefits: Floor adhesive

1. Preparation before working:
- Checking dry condition of operation floor (humidity under 8%).
- Remove all soil, dust, sand, oil and others on the floor.
- In case of low intensity surface do primer before bonding.
- If curve or unevenness surface have to make it flat.


2. Open time:
Surface temperature Open time Time of working Remark
20 20 ~ 30 minutes Over 90 ~ 120min after bonded Be change as humility, thickness, temperature, wind and surface condition
Open time: from plastering bond to before working is the most suitable for adhesiveness because of evaporated humidity and chemicals (the bond color will be changed from white to yellow).


3. Operation:
- Using adhesive quantity: from 0.25 ~ 0.35 kg/m².
- Press the surface of tile after operation, specially corners.
- In winter season heating the tiles by torch lamp before operation that makes the tiles softer and easy to bond and prevent the tiles come off by expansion.
- Press the tiles again after 4 ~ 5 hours of working to get good result of working.
- Bond after patch will be dry and do not stick, heating it that will be adhesive.


4. Storage:
- Keep in temperature of 0ºC ~ 35ºC, keep away from direct shine and children.
- Can keep in 1 year in indoor and sealing up the residual quantity after using.


5. Others:
- Forbidden the operation in under 0ºC and wipe the floor and surface with damp cloth also in during 3 ~ 4 days after working.
- Freezing bond can not be used and do not mix with any water and orthers.
- Have to inquire in case of humidity of floor or surface is over 8%, do the floor heat, underground, asphalt bond ...
- The open time will be extended in winter season, an absorption surface and rainy weather.
- Package: 10kg (0.25 ~0.35 kg/m²)